About the lab site

Logging in

You can login to access the calendar, lab contact list, protocols page, Jesse’s new microscope primer, and other helpful resources using your login (firstname_lastname). Everyone’s default password is randomly generated. Which means it’s impossible to remember, and you should change it!


Your WordPress profile

You can edit your WordPress profile to update your contact information, lab picture, and password. To get to that screen, mouse over the link on the right side of the top bar that appears after you login (see picture on left). You can also fill in the appropriate blank to give yourself a personal website, which many of the people in the lab have (for instance, Alex’s personal page is here). If you don’t have one, proceed to the next section.




Your personal page

You can edit your old personal page, or make a new one should you desire. Our personal pages are stored as “Posts”, so you can either create a new one, or navigate to your current personal page and click on “Edit Post” at the top (see picture on right). It’s worth noting that if you ever get Googled, this profile, since it’s on a .edu page, will probably be near the top.

The WordPress editor is pretty similar to the Google Doc interface- you can insert pictures, tables, and lists, and make headings to break up the page. If you do make a new page, just make sure you copy the link and paste it in the “Personal Website” section of your WordPress Profile. It may be easiest to copy content (and the formatting that goes with it!) from someone else’s page that you like, paste that into the editor, then alter as necessary.


Once you make your page, remember to make sure that the Website URL blank in your profile is updated to match the URL of the post you just created (e.g. http://www.signalingsystems.ucla.edu/firstaname-lastname)




Privileges: Author vs Editor

Everyone’s at least an “author“, which means you can edit your own post or make a new one. However, if you want to add new files to the protocols page, or add your paper/code links on the models+code page, we can also make you an editor, which will let you make changes to most pages on the site- just let the webmaster know if you’re interested.


If you have any questions, or can think of other helpful stuff our site could have, please let the webmaster know!