Kensei Kishimoto

TITLE: Undergraduate Student
MAJOR: Biochemistry
MINOR: Bioinformatics


I am interested in studying transcriptional regulation. My current project aims to elucidate a role of GAF as a mediator of gene expression in type I IFN signaling mainly through RNA-seq and ChIP-seq. I aspire to pursue MD/PhD and become a physician-scientist as a next step after graduation. When I am not in lab, I like watching anime and listening to songs nobody has heard of.


Awardee, Bruins-In-Genomics Summer Program Grant (June 2017-2018)
Best Poster Award, Bruins-In-Genomics Summer Grant (August 2017)
Most Dedicated Volunteer Award, BFPC (May 2017)
Dean’s List (Fall 2017 – present)
Honors College Program, UCLA (Fall 2017 – present)