Koushik Roy

TITLE: Postdoctoral Scholar
OFFICE: Boyer 570
EMAIL: koushikroy@nullucla.edu
PHONE: 310-210-4357
Ph.D. Biotechnology, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (2014, CU)
M.Sc. Chemistry, Jadavpur University (2006)

Research Interests

NFκB is a key regulator of B cell activation with subsequent proliferation and differentiation. cRel is necessary for B cell proliferation and RelA is necessary for B cell differentiation. Misregulated NFκB is associated with immunological disease such as B cell lymphoma.We have developed an integrated system of single cell microscopy tracking and dye dilution analysis tool to quantitatively study B cell population dynamics in terms of cell biological parameters at the single cell level. I am interested to study what is the role of dimer and the dynamic to the B cell fate decision at single cell level and population level.


Boyer/Parvin Postdoctoral Award, Recognizing Excellence in Postdoctoral Research, UCLA, 2019
Best Presentation, Preventive Medicine: Current Perspective, India, 2014
Best Presentation, CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology on Immunology day, India, 2014
Best Poster, International Symposium on Molecular Signaling, India, 2013
Best Poster, Society of Biological Chemist Symposium, India, 2012


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(F1000 Faculty: recommended)

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