Max Shokhirev


TITLE: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Graduate Student (2008-June 2014)
PHONE: 520-4717076qrcode.19193237
EMAIL: mshokhir at
B.S. Computer Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, University of Arizona – 2008

Research Interests

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I am interested in understanding how cell population dynamics are coordinated on the cellular and biochemical levels. A prime example, the mammalian immune response involves seemingly stochastic cellular decisions to respond, divide, and undergo programmed cell death. Understand how immune cells make decisions that result in an effective population response sheds light on the nature of multi-cellular biology and may provide insights into treating immune disorders and cancers. To this end, I have developed computational tools for describing cell population dynamics in terms of stochastic cellular processes, cell tracking software for quantifying time-lapse microscopy movies, performed single-cell RNAseq experiments, ran immunfluorescence studies, and constructed kinetic ODE models which incorporate the cell-cycle, apoptosis, and NFkB signaling. This has allowed me to characterize the responses of primary mouse B cells under diverse conditions in a multi-scale manner.



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