Stefanie Luecke

TITLE: Postdoctoral Scholar
Ph.D. in Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Denmark, 2018
M.Sc. in Infection and Immunity, Utrecht University, The Netherlands, 2014
B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany, 2012

Research Interests

I am investigating how combinatorial and temporal codes generated by the innate immune signaling network act together to determine stimulus-specific macrophage responses.


1: Luecke S*, Sheu KM*, Hoffmann A. Immune Sentinel Cells: Molecular Mechanisms for Combinatorial and Temporal Coding to Produce Stimulus-Appropriate Responses. Immunity. 2021; 54(9):1915-1932. Review. *SL and KMS contributed equally.

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3: Adelaja A*, Taylor B*, Sheu KM, Liu Y, Luecke S, Hoffmann A. Six distinct NFκB signaling codons convey discrete information to distinguish stimuli and enable appropriate macrophage responses. Immunity. 2021; 54, 916-930. *AA and BT contributed equally.

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