Xiaofei (Fay) Lin

TITLE: Graduate Student (PhD)
PROGRAM: Biochemistry, Molecular, and Structural Biology (BMSB) (2016 – present)
EMAIL: xlin16@nullucla.edu
B.A. in Biology (Honors), New York University – 2016


My research aims to use mathematical modeling in the context of high cell-to-cell variability to elucidate the network behavior of the NFκB system for applications in therapeutics. Specific aims of my project include developing novel methods for quantitatively fitting math models to single-cell data, identifying key stimulus-specific NFκB dynamics, pinpointing crucial sources of molecular noise that diminish NFκB information encoding, and understanding the mechanisms for decoding NFκB dynamics into stimulus-specific gene expression. I am particularly passionate about advocating for mental health awareness in graduate education. My hobbies include yoga and photography.

Awards & Fellowships:

UCLA Grad Slam – Audience Choice Award (2019) (Talk Title: Deciphering the Immune System Code – VIDEO HERE)
UCLA Cellular and Molecular Biology Trainee (2018-present)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) – Honorable Mention (2018)


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