Zhang(Frank) Cheng

TITLE: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
OFFICE: Boyer 535
PHONE: 858-822-4673
Ph.D. Biophysics, Nanjing University (2010)
B.S. Biophysics, Nanjing University (2005)

Research Interests

Biological systems are complex systems that can be understood in terms of design principles. Based on this premise, I have carried out my research in these areas:

  1. Design principles of small biological network motifs, with a special focus on interlinked feedback loops.
  2. Roles of reversible phosphorylation in contributing to the dynamical feature of Neurospora circadian clock.
  3. Dynamics of P53 signaling network in response to DNA damage.

Now I am focusing on an HIV project, aiming to construct a comprehensive mathematical model of host immune response to HIV exposure. I will use the model to study the dynamics and effectiveness of the host response and develop therapeutic strategies for HIV infection



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